Areas Of Work

Naveen has personally interviewed and met thousands of leaders in India and abroad. He is known for deep relationships with his clients which include groups like Tata Sons, Murugappa , A V Birla etc. His areas of work include leadership Search , Executive Coaching  and Training.

Executive Coaching

As a coach with over twenty years of experience, Naveen identifies behaviours that inhibit success. He then transforms such traits into
strengths using pioneering concepts like ‘ATM for happiness’. His use of practical, growth-oriented methods ensures that his coaching not only brings self-development but also benefits the entire organization.

leadership Search

As a leadership search professional, Naveen identifies highly skilled candidates, maps their competencies, interests and personality traits to organizational needs in order to find theperfect fit, both for the individual as well as the organization. He couples his industry observations with the fine art of human relations to secure the most suitable candidates.



Naveen is not a run of the mill trainer who runs a fixed model workshop.He helps teams change ingrained thought processes and unconscious behaviours to optimize performance. Instead of a formula that fits all,he devises unique, deep rooted strategies based on the current organizational culture and future goals.




Published Work

Book Review by Naveen

On reading Six Lenses, I am reminded of author R Gopalakrishnan’s (RG) sixth sense. The book is a thoughtprovoking and highly intense read.
I was introduced to RG through Ratan Tata’s office. Initially, it was not easy to communicate—I was in Kolkata, he was in Mumbai; I had no claim to fame and he was, and is, an important man (formerly vice-chairman of HLL, now with Tata Sons). However, I believe being in Kolkata worked in my favour—I could contact him via phone and mail, and RG was always prompt in his replies.

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