Mankind’s Search for Immortality

Man’s Search for Immortality
Ever since Mankind came into being he had done all that he could to remain immortal. A legitimate desire. The wise-men of the yore, tried to help the ignorant among men by explaining the spiritual nature of life and how he can become immortal by searching for immortality inside him. This being a tough task, man continues to look for immortality in the physical world he sees around him.
This effort is visible in his desire to look young whatever be his age. This is done using various anti aging creams or other similar means.
This effort further takes the form of medicines and other Life Support processes ending in the ventilator.
Today this has taken another form. They form e-groups and social networking sites which serve this purpose by living in a past where he was young. The human life is meant to learn to disconnect in stages so that SHE/ He can accept the final disconnection.
Despite of all these efforts at the appointed hour death pulls us out of this body. A body that we mistook for the SELF.As they say you cant reach Heaven ( Swarg ) without Dying !NB ; I thank Mr R K Nair for his valuable thoughts !

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