The Book :: Evolutionary Leadership: A Holistic Perspective

Naveen Khajanchi's vast and lengthy experience in leadership recruitment
prompts him to record his observations in the pithy
Evolutionary Leadership: A Holistic Perspective.

Evolutionary Perspective : A Holistic Perspective
by Naveen Khajanchi
ISBN: 978-93-80658-70-4
75 pages
Release Date: August 2010

The book is about learnings and experiences that lead us to evolve and grow from within. We start moving to a state of naturally good actions and behaviours daily.


Naveen Khajanchi is a sensitive person, who is capable of high levels of empathy. In his professional work in the area of identifying and placing top talent in the corporate world, he has had many experiences which have prompted him to write this book. Khajanchi has seen different quality of leaders and has also been exposed to their diverse ways of operating.His observations have led him to become passionate about the Actionable Coaching Plan which is what he writes about in his book.

Khajanchi has a larger purpose in mind when he plans to work with corporate executives. He hopes that by helping professionals become better leaders, he will be able to make his contribution to the world by reducing the toxicity created by unduly aggressive, poor quality and highly insecure leaders.

I wish him well in his work. His ability to combine his experiential learning with the theory of coaching will make for very good reading. I hope that readers make an effort to read the emotions that lie behind the text.

August 2010

Radhakrishan Nair
CHRO, Tata Steel

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